Maryland Victims of Crime Fund

Maryland Victims of Crime (MVOC) grants provide funding for developing and enhancing existing programs that directly serve victims of crime in Maryland. Administered by the State Board of Victim Services under the authority of the Governor's Office of Crime Control & Prevention, the primary purpose of the Fund is to ensure implementation of the Declaration of Crime Victims' Rights Amendment to the Maryland Constitution, the Guidelines for Treatment of and Assistance to Crime Victims and Witnesses and other laws adopted to benefit victims and witnesses of crime.

MVOC Funding Priorities:

  • Direct services for victims of crime
  • Victim Service Provider positions in the criminal justice system and non-profit sector of communities
  • Enhanced services to crime victims that aid and promote the distribution of mandated brochures and educates victims on their rights according to Maryland law.

Note: These priorities have been identified by the Maryland State Board of Victim Services, but do not preclude application for other initiatives.

The MVOC Fund was created by the Maryland General Assembly during the 1991 Legislative Session. This legislation created a source of revenue for programs across Maryland serving victims of crime.

Currently funded MVOC programs: Victims of Crime Awarded Grants Database

Most recent MVOC grant offering: MVOC NOFA Archive

Projected month to submit application: New Grants in December, Continuation Grants in May

Program Manager: Anne Marie Litecky, 410-821-2840

Office of the Governor